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Intentional Leadership

Welcome to the Ki Leadership Institute, where we redefine leadership and unlock untapped potential. Our institute offers a range of powerful programs and resources that challenge traditional mindsets and equip leaders with the tools they need to make a global impact.

The ultimate destination for CEOs and influencers seeking to revolutionize their leadership and unleash unparalleled potential. We arm leaders with the essential tools and strategies to propel them towards making a resounding global impact. By choosing Ki Leadership Institute, you empower yourself to spearhead transformative change, not just within your teams, but across your entire organization. Embrace this unparalleled opportunity to reshape the future of your company, leaving an indelible mark on the world that stands the test of time.

Consultancy & advice

Welcome to our company, your unrivaled destination for cutting-edge consultancy. With 60+ years of expertise, we deliver impactful solutions, revolutionizing your company's trajectory. We inject fresh perspectives and innovative strategies, unlocking your true potential. Trust our proven track record for success—experience meets impact for your company's triumph.

Leadership Development

When it comes to leadership development, we understand the importance of tailored solutions. Our team designs bespoke programs that directly address your specific needs. No two organizations are the same, and we ensure our initiatives speak directly to your unique requirements, unlocking your leadership potential.

Coaching and Mentoring

As internationally accredited coaches and mentors, we are dedicated to serving you and your organization. Our mission is to powerfully change the trajectory of your business. With our expertise and guidance, we empower you to navigate challenges, unlock new opportunities, and drive unprecedented growth. Let us be your catalyst for transformative success.



Elevate your leadership at the I.C.E Leadership Retreat. Designed for CEOs seeking to unlock greater influence and impact, we guide your ROI, employee wellbeing, and personal growth to new heights.



Experience Values Based Leadership: Sustain powerful growth, develop your people, and unlock their potential to resolve conflict, communicate effectively, and embrace accountability for their success.



Choose us as your Keynote Speakers for unforgettable events. Our talks go beyond the ordinary, offering unusual, exciting, and fun experiences. Through real-life situations, we inspire and entice audiences to make immediate, impactful changes in their lives.



Experience the power of the international Leadership Game. Realign your company's strategy by playing this fun, gamified tool. Identify executive team disconnects and emerge with actionable solutions for immediate implementation.

About us

Jan and Arthie Robberts, Founders of Ki Leadership Institute Pty Ltd, are the dynamic duo ready to elevate your company's leadership to unprecedented heights. With a proven track record of making a global impact, guiding boards of directors, and implementing company-wide rollouts, trust in their expertise to lead your journey towards unparalleled success. Let Jan and Arthie Robberts transform your teams with innovative programs and propel your organization to the next level of excellence.

Our approach to Leadership Development

Leadership re-imagined: Our approach stands apart, driving unprecedented transformation.

At Ki Leadership, we are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to redefining traditional norms and challenging the status quo. We unlock untapped potential by creating a safe environment for change through our internationally accredited programs and offerings. Our approach addresses the frustrations felt by leaders who are burdened with managing human behaviour instead of leading business strategy. We prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion, fostering disruptive environments that propel growth. Join us as we revolutionize leadership, empowering you to break free from constraints, unleash your true potential, and become a transformative leader in today's ever-changing world.

Courses, Workshops, & Assessments

1-on-1 or group development

Coaching & Mentoring

Leadership growth starts with personal development. Coaching or mentoring are amazing ways to ensure that growth takes place.

We provide several options, for individual or group engagement.

Training & Development

Masterminds & Workshops

We provide a range of Mastermind opportunities as well as workshops, from Coaching, Speaking, and Presentation Skills, to Personal Development, Behavioural Analysis, and self-care. We have 1/2 day, full day, as well as 2 or 3 day workshops to fill your needs.


Women in Leadership

Our unusual approach is to address support networks, confidence, recognition, advocacy, diverse perspectives, skills development, role models, breaking stereotypes,decision-making power, organizational culture change and solidarity.

Values Driven Youth

Youth Development

We offer a range of programs designed to empower young learners and leaders to achieve their full potential, build self-confidence, and develop practical skills that will serve them well in all aspects of their lives.

Get to know Yourself

Personality Assessments

When working with others, whether as a leader, in teams, or in sales, it is important to understand yourself more in order to connect better with others. Some call this an 'unfair advantage' but anyone can learn this important skill.

Your Holistic Health

Self-Care Series

Whatever our good intentions, we are often 'too busy' to look after ourselves.

Our self-care series and E-book provide a brilliant opportunity to start this important process with your entire team on a weekly basis, as well as take it home and involve your family and friends.

Get Sneak Peaks Behind the Scenes

Experience some special moments, captured from various programs



Experience the I.C.E Leadership Retreat: Redefine leadership, unlock untapped potential, and become a transformative force in today's ever-changing world.



Ignite your organization with Values Based Leadership: Cultivate a culture of integrity, inspire purpose, and drive extraordinary results.



Inspire your audience with our Keynote Speaking engagements: Unleash inspiration, provoke change, and leave a lasting impact on your event.



Elevate your leadership with our Gamification tool: Engage, learn, and transform through an interactive and immersive experience.


Dear Arthie, as I conclude my CEO pharmaceutical career, appreciating the joy, fun & achievements on the way. One outstanding memory was the leadership development that I experienced under your stewardship. In my 6th decade, one often assumes their learning days are behind them, this was not the case when I participated in your Value Based Leadership (VBL). Your skill in engaging with diverse people is a stand out attribute, as an Irishman, the fun laughter you created in all the VBL chapters was a feature which touched my cultural heart strings, as we say at home, we had Great Craic.

Mine is not an isolated recognition, my entire leadership team & all of the Boehringer Ingelheim staff, valued the learnings as a watershed moment in both their business & career lives. My hope is that you continue to share your wisdom and VBL to as many South African teams as possible.

As Morrie said in his book, Tuesday with Morrie "you touched me"
Please stay in touch and go on being my teacher.

Yours, John Fagan, GM, Boehringer-Ingelheim, SA

"I recently completed a 6-Week Coaching and Mentoring certification course with Jan Robberts of KI Leadership Institute and I’m currently part of their Values Based Leadership program.Under Jan’s excellent guidance, the coaching/mentoring program equipped me with the required knowledge, skills, and confidence to become a certified coach. Jan has extensive experience in coaching, held various leadership roles in his career, is well read and keen to share his insights, wisdom, and life experiences. He is an inspirational person – he strives to empower people to bring about positive change. I’m forever grateful to him for imparting his vast knowledge, helping me to start my own coaching journey." - Ilse Cukrowski, Head of Regulatory affairs, Boehringer-Ingelheim, SA

"After hearing Jan talk at the Change Your World Conference I was moved to contact him. As we sat in the theatre, a room full of strangers, he made it feel as though we were a hundred and fifty friends meeting up for a chat.
His made us laugh, cry and think, leaving an impression long after I had returned home to my normal life and routine.A week later and his talk still resonates and inspires, together we can make a difference. Thank you Jan for reminding me of that, and making me want to start that change."- Annette George, Author and Blogger, UK

Being part of the Value-based workshop done by Ki Leadership Institute with my organisation recently has propelled me further and given me a new outlook towards life and making a difference in an organisation. I am also grateful to have been the person who applied my new coaching skills on a colleague the very next day and got the desired effect.
I wish more organizations would use the value based leadership as it engages employees on personal reflections, implementation of goals and eventually changes the organisation positively as a whole.
Thank you Arthie and Jan, I am not the same anymore.
- Nothando Dlamini, Manager, Mbabane Municipality Council

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